Research Interests

Our research interests are in space systems, artificial intelligence, and systems engineering and design. Our core interests are right at the intersection of the three, in the development of new collaborative and mixed-initiative approaches for designing complex space systems. Of special interest lately are: 1) research on developing new cognitive assistants and understanding what works and what doesn’t, and how to best interact with them; 2) new approaches to fuse data and knowledge (e.g., in the form of logical rules) for design. 

What do students in the SEAK Lab learn about?

Most students in the lab will be familiar with many if not most of the topics below, although the particular level of expertise for each topic will vary depending on the student:

  • Space Mission Analysis and Design
  • Systems Engineering, Architecture, and Design
  • Global optimization
  • Machine learning
  • Knowledge-based systems
  • Visual and data analytics
  • Human-agent interaction
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Earth Observation

Research Projects

Our research is funded primarily by NASA and NSF. The following is an incomplete list of our recent and current research projects: