Gabe Apaza

Gabe Apaza is a PhD student in Aerospace Engineering at Texas A&M University. He joined the lab as a Masters student in Aerospace after completing his bachelors degree at Michigan State University in Spring 2019.

Gabe completed his undergraduate education by majoring in Computer Science in Engineering and minoring in Mathematics. During his undergrad, he interned with NASA Goddard for 4 years as a software developer for Goddard’s Computing Environments and Collaborative Technologies branch (Code 585). For two of these four years, he worked on a NASA funded project called TAT-C ML (Tradespace Analysis Tool for Constellations using Machine Learning) to develop a tradespace exploration tool for earth observing satellite missions. This project is where he met Dr. Selva and eventually decided to pursue a PhD in Aerospace under Dr. Selva in the SEAK lab at Texas A&M.

Gabe’s current interests relating to System Engineering are problem formulation and knowledge assisted design optimization. He also has interests in Machine Learning, Software Architecture, and Graph Theory.