Alan Aguilar

Alan Aguilar is an undergraduate Aerospace Engineering student at Texas A&M University and is set to start his PhD in Aerospace Engineering following his graduation in December of 2019.

His research focuses on decentralized planning for multi agent systems, specifically for Earth Observation Systems. He is currently working on implementing Consensus Constraint Based Bundle Algorithms with realistic astrodynamics to create a tool that can evaluate the performance of different system architectures. This with the goal of evaluating the effects of different types of system architectures and explore the benefits of federated satellite architectures.

Starting his PhD, he will be working on the Distributed Spacecraft with Heuristic Intelligence to Enable Logistical Decisions (DSHIELD) project under the supervision of Dr. Daniel Selva in collaboration with NASA and BAERI.

Outside of research, he enjoys writing and performing music as well as a passion for soccer and fencing.