Chrissi Erwin


Christina “Chrissi” Erwin received her B.S. in Aerospace Engineering and is currently working towards her M.S in Aerospace Engineering at Texas A&M University as part of the SEAK lab. Her research includes work on planning and scheduling for low Earth orbit satellites in the SEAK Laboratory. She is currently working on 3D CHESS, X-Grants, and as a NASA intern. She previously worked on the GNC team for the AggieSat6 mission in the AggieSat Laboratory. Her interests include space system design, AI, and their applications to human-space exploration.

Current Projects

She is working within the planning module of 3D CHESS on the operations planner. It is an agent level MILP planner that will be able to replan a current planning problem.

She is working on comparing three different planners: a greedy planner, a Markov decision process planner, and a MILP planner. These planners have a science reward function that decides how interesting an area is. An area is of higher interest if it has more lakes with algal blooms.

She works as an intern at NASA Ames on the project Activity Planning with Resources for the Exploration of Space (APRES) which is a next generation mission planning system for ground operations of spacecraft, rovers, and landers. Her work involves violation detection of plan related constraints and readability of plan outputs.