SEAKers social in March 2017


Prof. Daniel Selva


Assistant Professor
Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies Faculty Fellow
Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future Faculty Fellow
Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
449 Upson Hall
ds925  at

PhD Students 

Nathan Knerr
Mechanical Engineering (Cornell University)
nsk52  at
Research Interest: Statistics, visualization and machine learning for engineering design.

Harris Bang
Mechanical Engineering (Cornell University)
hb398  at
Research Interests: Cognitive assistance, visualization and data mining for engineering design.

Pau Garcia Buzzi
Aerospace Engineering
pg428 at
Research Interests: Design of large constellations, optimization and machine learning.

Samalis Santini De Leon
Aerospace Engineering
ssantini at
Research Interests: Intelligent data understanding, Entry Descent and Landing, Mars exploration.

Prachi Dutta
Aerospace Engineering
prachi.dutta at
Research Interests: Constellation design, optimization, machine learning.

Antoni Viros i Martin
Aerospace Engineering
aviros at
Research Interests: Cognitive assistants, human-machine collaborative design.

Filipe Pereira
Systems Engineering (Cornell University)
fmd43 at
Research Interests: GNSS, optimization, visualization and data mining for system architecture.

Nozomi Hitomi (Alum)
Mechanical Engineering ’18
nh295  at
Research interests: Hyper-heuristics and knowledge-driven optimization for system architecture. Applications to the design of nanosatellite constellations.

MEng Students

Monica Jacobs (Alum)
Systems Engineering ’15
Project title: A CubeSat Catalog Design Tool for a Multi-Agent Architecture Development Framework

Spandan Das (Alum)
Mechanical Engineering ’15
Project title: An Intelligent Spacecraft Configuration Tool for Mission Architecture Space Exploration

Visiting Students

Antoni Viros i Martin (Alum)
Aerospace Engineering & Industrial Engineering ’18
Project title: A cognitive assistant to check space mission designs

Carlos Garcia Ling(Alum)
Aerospace Engineering & Mathematics ’17
Project title: Algorithms and cognitive assistant for anomaly detection and diagnosis

Antoni Viros i Martin (Alum)
Aerospace Engineering & Computer Science ’16
Project title: Software architecture and machine learning models for Daphne cognitive assistant

Arnau Prat Sala (Alum)
Electironics and Telecommunications Engineering ’16
Project title: Critic agent and virtual reality environment for the Daphne cognitive assistant

Ximo Gallud Cidoncha (Alum)
Aerospace Engineering & Physics ’16
Project title: Agent-based simulation of systems with adaptive modularity

Pau Garcia-Buzzi (Alum)
Industrial Engineering & Electrical Engineering ’15
Project title: Satellite Bus Design Using Multidisciplinary Design Optimization

Clara Abello (Alum)
Mathematics & Electrical Engineering ’15
Project title: Preliminary Experiments with Learning Agents in an Interactive Multi-agent Systems Architecture Tradespace Exploration Tool

Undergraduate Students

Alan Aguilar Jaramillo
Aerospace Engineering ’19
Project title: Integrating astrodynamics into multi-agent simulation framework for spacecraft coalition planning

Zvonimir Stojanovski
Mechanical Engineering ’18
Project title: CubeSat catalog design and product platforms

Kevin Liu
Mechanical Engineering ’18

Project title: Platform for automatic and concurrent design of satellite missions

Joe Shin (Alum)

Mechanical Engineering ’16
Project title: Platform for automatic and concurrent design of satellite missions

Eric Grohn (Alum)
Mechanical Engineering ’15
Project title: Modeling and Prediction of Satellite Lifetime and Constellation Coverage Metrics