SEAK Lab Social (March 2017)


Prof. Daniel Selva
Assistant Professor
Aerospace Engineering
Texas A&M University

Postdoc researchers

Ada-Rhodes Short
PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Oregon State University
Research Interest: automation, design, decisions, and computational cognition.

Ashish M. Chaudhari
PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University
Research Interest: Design automation, Design theory and Methodology, Stochastic Processes.

PhD students

Nathan Knerr
Mechanical Engineering (Cornell University)
Research Interest: Statistics, visualization and machine learning for engineering design.

Harris Bang
Mechanical Engineering (Cornell University)
Research Interests: Cognitive assistance, visualization and data mining for engineering design.

Pau Garcia Buzzi
Aerospace Engineering
Research Interests: Design of large constellations, optimization and machine learning.

Samalis Santini De Leon
Aerospace Engineering
Research Interests: Intelligent data understanding, Entry Descent and Landing, Mars exploration.

Prachi Dutta
Aerospace Engineering
Research Interests: Constellation design, optimization, machine learning.

Antoni Viros i Martin
Aerospace Engineering
Research Interests: Cognitive assistants, human-machine collaborative design.

Filipe Pereira
Systems Engineering (Cornell University)
Research Interests: GNSS, optimization, visualization and data mining for system architecture.

Nozomi Hitomi (Alum, currently at The Aerospace Corporation)
Mechanical Engineering ’18 (Cornell University)
Research interests: Hyper-heuristics and knowledge-driven optimization for system architecture. Applications to the design of nanosatellite constellations.

Roshan Suresh Kumar
Aerospace Engineering (Texas A&M University)
Research Interests: Guidance, Navigation and Control, Systems Design and Optimization, Mechanical Metamaterials, Computational and Artificial Intelligence

Masters students

Gabe Apaza
Aerospace Engineering

Michael McCarthy
Aerospace Engineering

Monica Jacobs (Alum)
Systems Engineering ’15
Project title: A CubeSat Catalog Design Tool for a Multi-Agent Architecture Development Framework

Spandan Das (Alum)
Mechanical Engineering ’15
Project title: An Intelligent Spacecraft Configuration Tool for Mission Architecture Space Exploration

Undergraduate students

Nikita Beebe
Aerospace Engineering ’20
Project title: Virtual assistant for anomaly resolution during long duration exploration missions

Alan Aguilar Jaramillo
Aerospace Engineering ’19
Project title: Integrating astrodynamics into multi-agent simulation framework for spacecraft coalition planning

Zvonimir Stojanovski (Alum)
Mechanical Engineering ’18
Project title: CubeSat catalog design and product platforms

Kevin Liu
Mechanical Engineering ’18
Project title: Platform for automatic and concurrent design of satellite missions

Joe Shin (Alum)
Mechanical Engineering ’16
Project title: Platform for automatic and concurrent design of satellite missions

Eric Grohn (Alum)
Mechanical Engineering ’15
Project title: Modeling and Prediction of Satellite Lifetime and Constellation Coverage Metrics

Visiting students

Oscar Balcells Quintana
Aerospace Engineering & Mathematics ’20
Project title: A recommender system for anomaly resolution in long duration exploration missions

Sergio Escosa Rodriguez (Alum)
Aerospace Engineering & Industrial Engineering ’18
Project title: A cognitive assistant to check space mission designs

Carlos Garcia Ling (Alum)
Aerospace Engineering & Mathematics ’17
Project title: Algorithms and cognitive assistant for anomaly detection and diagnosis

Antoni Viros i Martin (Alum)
Aerospace Engineering & Computer Science ’16
Project title: Software architecture and machine learning models for Daphne cognitive assistant

Arnau Prat Sala (Alum)
Electironics and Telecommunications Engineering ’16
Project title: Critic agent and virtual reality environment for the Daphne cognitive assistant

Ximo Gallud Cidoncha (Alum)
Aerospace Engineering & Physics ’16
Project title: Agent-based simulation of systems with adaptive modularity

Pau Garcia-Buzzi (Alum)
Industrial Engineering & Electrical Engineering ’15
Project title: Satellite Bus Design Using Multidisciplinary Design Optimization

Clara Abello (Alum)
Mathematics & Electrical Engineering ’15
Project title: Preliminary Experiments with Learning Agents in an Interactive Multi-agent Systems Architecture Tradespace Exploration Tool