Prachi Dutta

Prachi Dutta is a PhD student in Aerospace Engineering at Texas A&M University. She joined the lab as a PhD student in Systems Engineering at Cornell University, where she also got her Masters in Systems Engineering in 2017.

Prachi has a Bachelor’s degree from Birla Institute of Technology, where she studied Electronics and Communications Engineering, before working as a software engineer at Verizon Communications. Her research interests include Space Systems Engineering, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Decision Support Systems and Human Spaceflight.

She is currently working on a NASA-funded project, TAT-C ML (Tradespace Analysis Tool for Constellations using Machine Learning), to develop a tradespace exploration tool for earth observation missions. The tool uses metaheuristics to effectively guide the search towards promising regions of the tradespace, makes exploration-exploitation decisions through Adaptive Operator Selection strategies (AOS), and extracts new knowledge by applying data mining during the optimization process.

Outside of academia, Prachi enjoys painting, skiing, kayaking, kite-flying, learning new languages, playing ukulele and social activism. You can follow her here.