Prachi Dutta

Prachi Dutta is a PhD student in Aerospace Engineering at Texas A&M University. She joined the lab as a PhD student in Systems Engineering at Cornell University, where she also got her Masters in Systems Engineering in 2017.

Prachi has a Bachelor’s degree from Birla Institute of Technology, where she studied Electronics and Communications Engineering, before working as a software engineer at Verizon Communications. Her research interests include Space Systems Engineering, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Decision Support Systems and Human Spaceflight.She has worked on a NASA project, TAT-C ML (Tradespace Analysis Tool for Constellations using Machine Learning), to develop a tradespace exploration tool for earth observation missions. The tool uses metaheuristics to effectively guide the search towards promising regions of the tradespace, makes exploration-exploitation decisions through Adaptive Operator Selection strategies (AOS), and extracts new knowledge by applying data mining during the optimization process. Currently, she is working on developing cognitive assistant, Daphne, for anomaly treatment during long duration exploration mission (LDEM).

Outside of academia, Prachi enjoys hiking, kayaking, climbing, skiing, and painting.