Presented 3 papers at the 2018 Design Computing and Cognition (DCC) conference in Milan

Harris and Dani joined Matt Law (Hoffman’s lab at Cornell) and Prof. So-Yeon Yoon at the Design Computing and Cognition conference, where we presented 3 papers from our joint NSF sponsored research studying human-computer collaborative approaches to engineering design.

The papers can be found here:

Bang, H., Shi, Y. L. Z., Yoon, S.-Y., Hoffman, G., & Selva, D. (2018). Exploring the Feature Space to Aid Learning in Design Space Exploration. In Design Computing and Cognition’18.

Law, M., Dhawan, N., Bang, H., Yoon, S.-Y., Selva, D., & Hoffman, G. (2018). Side-by-side Human-Computer Design using a Tangible User Interface. In Design Computing and Cognition ’18.

Lily Shi, Bang, H., Hoffman, G., Selva, D., & Yoon, S.-Y. (2018). Cognitive style and field knowledge in complex design problem solving: A comparative case study of decision support systems. In Design Computing and Cognition ’18.

PS: What a beautiful place is Lecco!

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